welcome to dnl woodworks.com

we are a Michigan based company producing quality hand-crafted furniture, auxiliary items and crafts: all set at affordable prices, and made from REAL pine.

our furniture is handcrafted from Eastern White Pine right here at our workshop in North Adams, Michigan, and comes fully assembled unless otherwise stated.

we apply one coat of diluted Early American, Minwax brand, oil‑based stain to all of our furniture, but DO NOT apply a finish, leaving you the option to stain the piece darker, or paint it a color that best matches your decor.

or, if you prefer to receive your piece without any stain, simply choose "No Stain (raw white pine)" from the "Stained?" drop down menu before you add it to your cart. (this options default is set to "Stain (Early American)")

we will paint/distress and or polyurethane any piece by request, call or email us for info on finished work pricing.

take a moment to browse our product line, if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at 517.287.5832 and we will make it to your specifications.

if you live in Michigan or one of its surrounding states, check out our show schedule to see when we'll be in your area.

we look forward to helping make your space look and function the way you intend it to.

120 Vreeland,  North Adams, MI 49262

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